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The FreshPath Story

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It all started with a mutual friend, 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and a Starbucks - but then again, don’t all good stories? A casual meeting quickly turned into a conversation around our shared commonalities. The first common thread? DePauw University, (albeit decades apart!). The second one? Our mutual love of marketing and all things business. After that, it didn’t take long and soon those common threads turned into a full fabric of complementary work styles. Fast forward five years and a pandemic, and the time was right to form FreshPath Marketing.


While our approaches and experiences are different, our shared vision never wavers - we both understand and believe in the power of marketing and its ability to transform a brand and a company. We are uniquely aware of the need for businesses to be nimble, build their brand, embrace change, and leverage technology. Together, we will offer insightful, fact-driven recommendations for moving your business forward.

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The FreshPath Team 


Laura Shinall

Curious. Collaborative. Passionate. Driven.

Those four words aptly describe Laura. 


Laura inherently understands the value of collaboration and teamwork. Her curiosity fuels her desire for success, and she is driven by her passion for business. Laura knows when to push the boundaries and won’t settle for the words “good enough” when it comes to growing your company’s brand or creating the best customer experience. 


As an avid sports fan, Laura recognizes the parallels between team sports and business. Leadership and good coaching are key, identifying talent and choosing the best player for the position matters and defining your marketing strategies and designing the right plays are all critical to success. By providing leadership that encourages excellence and growth, Laura will help lead you and your team across the finish line.

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Melanie Spilbeler


Part creative and part analytical, and 100% ambitious.

You can expect those powerful attributes when working with Melanie.


Melanie has spent over 15 years in positions centered around consumers, their preferences, and how to provide a better experience for them. Additionally, during her tenure at ExactTarget, a digital marketing SAAS provider ultimately acquired by SalesForce, Melanie gained a keen interest in data-driven customer insights and how to maximize a brand’s reach and potential through highly personalized campaigns.


Melanie’s greatest strengths lie in her ability to analyze data points and inputs, understand how they are connected and provide actionable recommendations. She is acutely aware of the challenges facing many teams today: lack of resources, identifying the right technology and driving its adoption and developing effective campaigns. Melanie works diligently to help implement lasting solutions to make your business more successful.

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Creative by nature. Strategic through experience.

Your brand will benefit with Kim’s holistic approach to business.


Kim brings over 10 years of design experience to the FreshPath team. Being right brain dominant, she has an eye for design and a passion for the creative process. Kim gained her experience in sales management and product merchandising while working closely with businesses in the wholesale, retail and e-commerce spaces. Through that work, she developed a specialized understanding of the impact that omni-channel marketing can have on the customer and end consumer.


Kim’s passions include researching market trends, analyzing sales data, identifying growth opportunities and implementing creative design and merchandising solutions. Let her natural creativity and acquired business acumen work for you to help set your brand apart!

Kim Kashman

Have an Idea? Got a Project? 

Need some more marketing brainpower? We are here to help!

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